Pokemon Scarlet, Violet Gen 9 Pokedex: Every Confirmed Monster

Game Freak will be released later this year, Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violetta the ninth generation of the mainstream Pokémon games, ending an absolutely killer lineup of 2022 for Nintendo Switch. In addition to a true open world set in the Mediterranean region, they’re going to increase the total number of Pokemon from around 800,000 to a number so large that even Texas Instruments couldn’t count it.

You already know about two startersSprigatito, the internet weed cat I also bet money on, and Fuekoko, who some call the draft Charmander, are both new to the game Pokemon. But Pokemon Scarlet as well as ViolettaThe Pokédex is made up of a string of returning favorites and not-so-favorites from previous generations.

What follows is as close to full accounting as possible, obtained directly from official promotional materials for Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violetta. In many cases Pokemon shown in the trailer and in the screenshots are part of the evolutionary chains, implying (but not necessarily confirming) that the early and late stages of these monsters will also appear. In such cases, we have listed all other evolutions in parentheses. Okay, let’s do it: Here are all the confirmed Pokémon for Scarlet as well as Violetta-too far.

  • Sprigatito: herbal starter
  • Fuekoko: fire starter
  • Quaxley: water starter which, fiiinprobably worth mentioning
  • Star: a flying-type Pokémon that was basically Pidgey from Pokémon Diamond as well as Pearl (staravia, staraptor)
  • Hoppip: Grass-type Pokémon with no pupils and possibly no soul (Skiplom, Jumpluff)
  • Psyduck: Water-type Pokémon that requires intravenous ibuprofen (Goldfuck)
  • Petilil: a bulbous Grass-type Pokémon designed to populate lower level areas (Lilligant)
  • Bounsweet: another bulbous Grass-type Pokémon designed to populate lower level areas (Stini, Tsarina)
  • Combi: a bunch of beetles in the form of honeycombs (Vespiken)
  • Driflun: ghost-type nightmare(Drifblim)
  • Meowth: money-hungry normal-type cat pokemon (Persian)
  • pepper: Pelican Pokémon, riding perhaps the weakest match-up: water flying (Wingall)
  • Klauncher: water-type shrimp pokemon (Klavitzer)
  • Swablu: an air type with a normal flight that eventually transforms into a tough dragon (Altaria)
  • Pikachu: because at the moment poketalisman is essentially mandatory (Pichu, Raichu)
  • Blissey: normal-type pokemon with a frankly high amount of HP (Happiness, Chansey)
  • North: a venomous type of snake that is usually in blood feud with its doppelgänger, Zangusthaven’t seen one yet Scarlet or Violetta promotional materials
  • Larvitar: a stone dragon that is useless until you reach level 55 (Pupitar, Tyranitar)
  • Magnemite: who ruled when he was just electric, but now he is a little less cool when he is also partially steel (Magneton, Magnezone)
  • Lucario Brothers Super Smash a fighter who was seriously nerfed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Riolu)
  • Stonejourner: basically a rock-type pokemon Assassin’s Creed Valhalla set personalized
  • Dratini: a classic dragon-type Pokémon that only appears as a statue in a fountain (Dragonair, Dragonite)

Right now, the exact list of Pokémon will appear in Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violetta is still in the air. Pokemon experts in Serebius report this pokemon house Nintendo’s Pokemon cross-play storage service can only facilitate the transfer of data to and from scarlet as well as Violetta for Pokémon that are already available in the game. It is implied that Pokemon Scarlet, as well as Violetta, may prevent you from catching every Pokémon from every generation.

If Pokemon Scarlet, as well as Violetta, really limits which Pokémon from previous games you can import, this might be reminiscent of cacophonous dispute about “Dexit” this messed up previous mainline entries, Pokemon Sword as well as Shield-at least for some fans. These games, which came out in 2019, didn’t include every previous Pokémon from every previous generation, meaning that some trainers who stuck with the series for every iteration had to leave behind teams they’ve curated for years (or decades) in some cases).

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