Pokemon Unite Duraludon Guide: Stats, Moveset, and Best Builds For The Steely Dragon

If you’re the type of MOBA player who wants to deal as much damage to as many opponents as possible, Duraludon is your choice in Pokemon Unite. He has several abilities that create areas of effect by dealing damage to groups of enemies rather than one at a time. Moves like Stealth Rock and Dragon Pulse can also make opponents vulnerable to your allies, making using Duraludon’s abilities in a teamfight essential to its success.

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Pokemon Unite Duraludon stats and move set

Here’s what we’re working with when Duraludon enters combat:

Role: Attacker

Style: Distant battle

Complexity: Middle


  • A crime – nine
  • Endurance – 4
  • Mobility – five
  • Scoring – five
  • Support – 3

Evolution levels: Duraludon Start off

Special moves

  • laser focus – Reduces damage taken for a short time. When the damage reduction expires, Duraludon’s next three basic attacks deal bonus damage. The cooldown is 9 seconds. Lv. Upgrades 5 to one of the following:
    • light gun – Duraludon fires a groundbreaking blast in a target direction, dealing area damage and slowing the movement speed of the affected enemy for a short duration. For a short time after the attack, basic attacks are changed to a cannon of light with increased range and damage. Enemies hit by Light Cannon attacks have their movement speed reduced for a short time. 6 second cooldown. At ur. 11 opposing Pokémon hit by an area attack cannot act for a short time.
    • Dragon pulse – Duraludon charges energy and releases it to attack in an area. Its movement speed decreases while charging, but its area of ​​effect expands based on how long the movement takes to charge. Once Duraludon learns this move, all successful attacks will attach markers to opposing Pokémon. If Dragon Pulse hits a marked enemy, the damage is increased based on how many markers are on that enemy. If this move knocks out an opponent, their cooldown is reduced, and Duraludon’s next three basic attacks further reduce his cooldown. 8 second cooldown. At ur. 11 Duraludon restores some HP if this move knocks out Pokémon of the opposing team.
  • metal claw – Duraludon swings its sharp claws, dealing damage and slowing the enemy’s movement speed on impact. Duraludon’s next basic attack after using it is buffed. Cooldown is 8 seconds. Lv. Upgrades 7 to one of the following:
    • Dragon Tail – Duraludon pushes the opposing Pokémon back while moving back a short distance. Duraludon’s next basic attack is buffed. This move can be used three times before reloading. Reload time 1.1 seconds. At ur. 13 This move deals extra damage to the enemy Pokémon on hit.
    • stealth rock – Duraludon throws a stone at the target location, which creates a field of levitating stones at that location. Opposing Pokémon that enter the field take damage and have their movement speed reduced for a short time. If the stone hits an opposing Pokémon, the area of ​​effect becomes the location where the opponent was hit. If an enemy Pokémon takes damage from this move a certain number of times, it becomes stunned for a short time. Duraludon’s next basic attack after using this attack is empowered. This move can be used three times before reloading. 1 second cooldown. At ur. 13 uses before cooldown increases.
  • Passive Skill: Heavy Metal
    • Prevents Duraludon from being thrown or pushed once. This Ability has a cooldown after use.
  • Merge Movement: Rotating Ruins
    • Duraludon fires a beam of light and spins around, leaving a burning ring on the ground. Any opposing Pokémon that touches the ring takes damage and their movement speed is reduced for a short time. If the beam hits an enemy while the Duraludon is spinning, the enemy takes damage and the Duraludon gains a shield and increases attack power. The shield effect and attack boost increase based on how many enemies are hit by the beam.

Best Pokemon Unite Duraludon Builds: Danger Zones

    • Move 1 Upgrade: Dragon pulse
    • Moving 2 Update: stealth rock
    • Combat item: eject button
    • Retained Items
      • Buddy Barrier
      • Focus Group
      • muscle group

This build can absolutely terrorize the opposing team in teamfights. Both of Duraludon’s attacks here create splash damage zones that can be used in tight spaces to trap opponents or block choke points to limit where enemies can go. This combination of held items increases attack power and durability well, and the Eject Button battle item gives Duraludon an emergency exit in difficult situations. If you prefer more attack power to a possible exit, switch the Eject button to X Attack.

Best Pokemon Unite Duraludon Builds: Flash Damage

    • Move 1 Upgrade: light gun
    • Moving 2 Update: Dragon Tail
    • Combat item: Complete healing
    • Retained Items
      • Buddy Barrier
      • muscle group
      • Scope lens

Flash Cannon is an amazing attack, but the setup requires a bit of defense. By combining it with the Dragon Tail, you will be able to push the opponent away before firing the cannon. Buddy Barrier will increase Duraludon’s HP, giving him a little more durability, while Muscle Band will increase his attack power and Scope Lens will increase his critical strike stats, creating a build that hits hard but can also withstand onslaught if needed.

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