Potato Flowers In Full Bloom Is A 3D Dungeon Crawler That Sprouts Onto Switch This Month



IN terms of our favorite video game titles, this should be better (or…carrots?). Publisher PLAYISM and developer Pon Pon Games have reunited six years after their first collaboration. The healer only lives twice o create Potato Flowers in Full Bloom, a first-person dungeon crawler rendered in full 3D.

Potato flowers in full bloom with a whimsical aesthetic and a story about the effects of soil pollution hope to enchant you on Switch on March 10th for $17.99. What’s more, the game will be 10% off for the first week after release, including pre-orders. When in doubt, you can test your roasting skills by downloading a free demo in the online store now.

Here’s what to expect from the game’s narrative, which is an interesting theme for a game that explores hidden underground ruins:

In a world where soil pollution poses a constant threat to human society, it is said that an alchemist left special seeds in an underground labyrinth. These seeds can grow without being affected by pollution.

Establishing a base in the ruins of a nearby city, you and an exploration party are led by your leader as you venture into the depths of the labyrinth.

Basically, you are trying to save the world by finding more resources, not just mixing monsters.

Of course, the core of any Dungeon Crawler is its gameplay, and PLAYISM has a lot to say about that:

First Person Dungeon Explorer

Gradually expand your range of activities as you go deeper into the dungeons. The map is procedurally generated as you progress.

Solve tricks and puzzles to get treasures, but beware of monsters and bosses lurking around every corner!

Since the labyrinths were built and renovated by human society in different eras, you may come across some interesting items from the past.

Read your enemy’s next move and plan your retaliation.

You can predict an enemy’s next move by reading the displayed icons, and your ability to strategically choose your actions accordingly will determine your chances of winning a fight. Actions such as attacking, defending, and using skills eat up points. Be careful not to run out of points, as you will be put on the Rest command, making you a sitting duck until your points are restored.

Create and train your group the way you like!

Form the desired research group at the base camp. Available classes include knights, rangers, and shamans. The choice is yours and yours alone… You can even change the appearance of each character to your liking.

Each class has a unique skill tree, and it’s up to you how you want to train your group. You can take up to three other participants with you on each dungeon adventure, so choose wisely…

Will you challenge the pot and save the world from soil pollution next week? Let us know below.

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