Produce boxes Fortnite: Where to find produce boxes in Sleepy Sound or Condo Canyon

Another week in Fortnite, another series of challenges to help you earn bonus XP. This week, one of the challenges asks you to find five crates of groceries at either Sleepy Sound or Condo Canyon. Obviously, this is easier said than done if you don’t already know where to look. Below we have a complete guide for both Sleepy Sound and Condo Canyon, as well as where to find food crates in both locations. Complete this challenge and you’ll be rewarded with a hefty 25,000 XP for your Battle Pass.

Sleepy Sound makes boxes

Sleepy Sound has its own Noms grocery store as well as a Fish Sticks restaurant. You guessed it: here we will find food boxes. Check the image above for the highlighted locations. Behind the Noms grocery store you will find a semi-trailer parked, and inside its trailer are two boxes of groceries. You will find the third box of groceries in the reception area nearby, on a shelf.

Then head to the Fish Sticks restaurant. In the kitchen, you will find two more food boxes.

This should be enough to complete the challenge, but you can also head to Kondo Canyon if that’s easier.

Condo Canyon makes boxes

Condo Canyon is a quaint suburb with a town square full of shops.

You can find five food crates in restaurants and the Noms grocery store in the square. At the Noms grocery store, go back and you’ll find one box on a shelf and another on a stack of brown boxes. Pass through the square to the Pelmeni restaurant. You will find one food box on the counter in the kitchen and another on the stove. Your last box can be found in the ice cream shop next door. At the back, you will find a food box above the freezer.

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