Rainbow Six Siege Year 7, Season 1 Patch Notes Revealed

Ubisoft Montreal released full patch notes for Rainbow Six Siege, Season 7, Season 1. Year 7 of The Siege kicks off with a new Defensive Operator Azami joining the fray, as well as changes to Goyo, a brand new Team Deathmatch playlist, and more.In Year 7 Season 1, all players will also need to link a phone number to their Ubisoft account in order to participate in Ranked Play. “This security measure is intended to help slow down the re-entry of scammers after a ban, as well as curb smurfing,” Ubisoft Montreal writes in the season’s patch notes.

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As with all new seasons, old operators receive discounts. So if you’re back under siege at the start of Year 7, you can take this opportunity to catch up.

Mozzie and Gridlock will drop to 10,000 Fame or 240 R6 Credits each (around $2 USD); Oryx and Yana drop to 15,000 Fame or 360 R6 Credits (about $3), and Flores drops to 20,000 Fame or 480 R6 Credits (about $4).

The full list of changes coming to Siege at the start of Year 7 can be found in the patch notes. We have detailed them below.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 1 Patch Notes

Deathmatch playlist

The arrival of Demon Veil brings a new playlist with the classic Team Deathmatch game mode. The Deathmatch playlist was created to provide players with the perfect environment to warm up and practice shooting before competitive matches, as well as offer a more casual Siege gameplay experience.

  • rules
    • Matches last 5 minutes or until one of the teams reaches 75 eliminations.
    • Limited outdoor time (Operators leave after 10 seconds).
    • Ability to change Operators during a match.
    • Respawn enabled.
    • In-game chat is disabled.
    • Join in progress enabled.
    • No waiver of sanctions.
  • Gameplay
    • Players can choose an attacker or defender regardless of their team.
    • Several players can choose the same Operator.
    • Unique abilities are not available (with the exception of the Eye’s Flip Sight).
    • Shield Operators (Blitz, Montagne and Clash) and Fuze Ballistic Shield are not available.
    • Both teams have the same gadgets: fragmentation grenades, stun grenades, and impact grenades.
    • Barricades, reinforcements, observation tools, drones, and descent are not available.
    • Card set: theme park, villa, and favela.

Attacker’s Choice

Attackers can now change their operators and equipment during the preparation phase. This change aims to increase the impact of drones during the preparation phase, allowing attackers to use the collected information and adjust their strategy. In addition, the matching header has been updated to display more information about your teammates to help you make informed decisions when changing operators or equipment.

The attacker’s rep is available for all game modes in the Quick Match, Unranked, Ranked and Pro League playlists.

Universal sights for weapons

The main weapon and select secondary weapon have access to all non-magnifying scopes, with the exception of the special Reflex DP27. Weapons with access to the 2.5x scope now have access to both options.

  • New categories have been added to the Sights section of the Equipment menu:
  • Magnification: 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x and 3.0x.
  • No magnification: Red Dot, Reflex, and Holographic scopes.

Goyo volcano canister

Goyo is now equipped with a Volcán Canister, a slightly modified version of the firebomb that no longer attaches to the deployable shield.

Volcán canisters are partially shielded and can be placed on surfaces such as walls and floors. Their explosive damage has been reduced, but the flames burn longer than before.

Player Protection

Starting this season, all players will need to link their phone number to their Ubisoft account in order to join ranked matches. This security measure is meant to help slow down the re-entry of scammers after being banned, as well as curb smurfing.

You can link your phone number via Ubisoft Connect > Account Information (https://account.ubisoft.com/)

Match replay (console)

Match Replay is now available on consoles and will save 2 hours of your last gameplay or up to 12 matches. In addition, replay controls have been added as a controller layout for easier navigation in a match replay.

R6 Fix Incentive Program

As previously announced, the team is working on a program to reward players for reporting bugs in R6Fix, and the first iteration of this program will be available starting on the Y7S1 test server.

To qualify for the reward, report an issue during the season (on the test server or in real-time) and bring the issue to ‘Under Investigation. You will receive one reward per season, determined by the most serious issue of all your reports. The reward for each season will be awarded to your Live Play account during the next season’s test server.

  • Awards
    • Cosmetics: 3 Alpha Packs (1 Rare, 1 Epic, 1 Legendary)
    • Playable: 6 alpha packs (2 rare, 2 epics, 2 legendary)
    • Hard to play: 9 alpha packs (3 rare, 3 epics, 3 legendary)
    • Critical: 12 alpha packs (4 rare, 4 epics, 4 legendary)

Seasonal weapon skin

Demon Veil brings a subtle new addition to your seasonal weapon skin pack. Get the Secret Ending Pack to unlock the Smooth Lethality weapon skin and attachments, as well as the Yakuyoke Talisman. A seasonal weapon skin will be released at the beginning of the season and available for purchase throughout the season. Once unlocked, it remains in your inventory indefinitely and can be applied to all available weapons.

Operator balancing

  • The camera loses signal outside
    • Black Eye of the Valkyrie, Evil Eye of the Maestro, and Bulletproof Camera now lose signal after 10 seconds when placed outdoors. The player must pick up and move the cameras to another location in order to restore the signal.
  • Valkyrie + Zero
    • Valkyrie’s and ARGUS Zero’s Black Eye cameras can now be accessed while in the air, but the video stream will not start until the camera is attached to a surface.
  • Echo + Mozzie
    • Drones Echo and Mozzie can now be used outside for longer (10 seconds) to match the time it takes cameras to lose signal.
  • Melusi
    • Melusi’s Banshee now unlocks faster when activated, exposing her weak spot earlier.
  • Kali
    • Kali’s movement is no longer penalized when she is armed with a ranged rifle.
  • Thunderbird
    • Kona’s Thunderbird Station only heals players below 100% health.

Tweaks and improvements

    • Year 7 Premium Pass
      • By popular demand, the Year 7 Pass will be available for purchase, giving you access to the following benefits and VIP privileges:
        • 4 New Year 7 Operators
        • 4 hats and uniforms (included in the battle passes)
        • Access to 4 Year 7 Battle Passes
        • Unlock the first 20 tiers of each Year 7 Battle Pass through Premium Packs.
        • Exclusive exotic weapon skin for MPX.
        • Valkyrie Byte Exclusive Pack
        • Chilled ash set
        • 14-day early access to a new operator each season
        • 30% additional Battle Points (does not apply to challenges or achievements)
        • Constant calls
        • Challenges will still open for a set amount of time, but will no longer have a time limit, allowing players to complete them at their own pace until the end of the Battle Pass.
    • Playback Compatibility
    • Replays are now compatible throughout the season and will not be removed when patches or hotfixes are released.
    • Replays will be available to play until the last day of the season.
    • Customizable ability skins
    • Players can now choose between different ability skins they own as long as they are both owned by the same Operator.
    • Melee animation
      • Knife melee animation changed from slashing to stabbing to match in-game hit detection.
    • Gadget and ability models
      • Updated Ela’s Grzhmot Mine model to display an LED corresponding to the team colors selected by the player when turned on.
      • Changed the Breach Charge model to display an LED corresponding to the player’s chosen team colors.
      • Updated the bulletproof camera model to better match last year’s bulletproof camera gameplay rework (camera rotation and EMP flash).
    • Speech to text
      • A new option has been added to the Options menu to enable the speech-to-text feature.
    • Operator models
      • Improved facial animation rigs, shaders, and meshes used in current and future Operators.
    • Match timer
      • The match timer will now display time in milliseconds, including the last 10 seconds of the action phase.
    • HUD setup in support mode
      • Added ability/device status to player portrait when spectated in support mode and removed KDA.
    • Grieving and disconnecting players
    • Malicious Gadgets no longer harm players if the player who threw them disables, preventing toxic players from using disables to avoid harm and avoid sanctions.
    • Map rotation
      • Added Chalet card and removed Bank card from Newcomer playlist.

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