Rainbow Six Siege’s new Operator could change up the meta forever

The latest Rainbow Six Siege operator can use his gadget to change the layout of the entire map on the fly.

Heading into the game at the start of Year 7 Season 1, Azami promises to be a strong defensive choice. When it comes to her past, the newcomer Azami has it all. The 28-year-old former security officer of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is also a bodyguard and is studying various martial arts.

As a defender with 2 health and 2 speed, Azami is suitable for a wide variety of situations. Her weaponry includes a D-50 pistol and either a 9X19SVN submachine gun or an ACS12 shotgun in her main slot, and either an impact grenade or barbed wire as her equipment. However, her real power lies in her gadget, the Kiba barrier. Azami enters the fight with five modified kunai that stick to surfaces when thrown. Once there, it transforms into a bulletproof barrier, blocking corners, passages, and even gaps that could give Defenders access to a grenade or drone.

If you find yourself stuck on the wrong side of one of the Kiba Barriers as an Attacker,

you won’t be able to get through it with a weapon. Explosives and melee attacks will eventually open a path, but you will alert anyone on the other side to your presence unless you can find another workaround. Azami is now available through the Premium Battle Pass, with R6 points, or Renown as part of Rainbow Six Siege New Season – Demon’s Veil. The new season also includes a new map, a new Team Deathmatch mode, and the introduction of Attacker Reselection, which allows attackers to tailor their team to outmaneuver defenders.

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