Random: A Super Rare Pokémon Card Resurfaces, One Of Only 20 In Existence

An incredibly rare Pokémon card from the late ’90s has sold for a whopping 5 million yen ($136,000) in a Japanese auction

The card in question is one of 20 “Snap Magikarp. “cards that are given away to the winners of the draw. pokemon binding competitions were held in Japan. The competition itself required contestants to submit their favorite shots of certain Pokémon. With the winners having their entries entered into an official Pokémon card.

There are ten unique cards in total, including Magikarp, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Articuno, and more. What’s interesting about the contest is that the winners didn’t get one unique card each; they only received 20 copies own design. Thus, the entire circulation of each design went exclusively to the winners of the competition. This makes these cards incredibly rare, as it’s entirely possible that some of the winners. Simply packed their cards into boxes and put them in storage. Indeed, nine out of ten cards have been seen in the two decades since then. Snap Magikarp has remained elusive… that is, until now.

As stated in a pretty video on youtube the irony below is that Magikarp is arguably one of the most common creatures in Pokémon Snap, appearing at least once in all of its levels. As for the remaining 19 Snap Magikarp cards, where they are hiding is anyone’s guess.

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