Random: Portal 2’s Intro Was Apparently Inspired By Super Metroid’s Opening

Image: Nintendo

Action-adventure 1994. Super Metroid may be Best an entry into the main Metroid series, and as a result, it has inspired many other games over the years.

One game you may not have realized inspired you to create Valve’s 2011 puzzle platformer. Portal 2. Speaking to Kiwi Talkz, the game’s project lead, Joshua Weier, mentioned that the opening of the game was directly inspired by Super Metroid and was used to solve a small problem.

Here’s the full story:

“We had an issue with the game that if you had just played Portal we didn’t want to force you to learn Portals again, but at the same time if you’ve never played Portal we had to teach you , so it’s ok how do we do it in a way that’s good for both, and personally I’m very inspired by Super Metroid. I always liked the way Super Metroid starts where you kind of go down to the planet and go through, you kind of go through it in reverse, you kind of go where the mother’s brain is and you do all these things and you turn it on and everything comes back to life and that was really where I was like hey let’s do it. you so you go back through the cameras but now they’re all abandoned and they’re beat up and they don’t quite work and everything is broken and that gave us a way if you played the original game you like oh that’s cool, yes, I know how to do it, I will go through it, but I will see a cool new setting, and if you have never played Portal, then you are also learning along the way.

If this got you in the mood for Portal, the good news is that Valve recently announced that the Portal: Companion Collection is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. It will contain both Portal and Portal 2.

And if you want to relive Super Metroid, you can do so by subscribing to the Switch Online service to access Nintendo’s retro SNES library.

Have you played Portal 2? Will you be picking it up for Nintendo Switch? Leave a comment below.

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