Random: Somebody’s Bought The Silent Hill Domain Just To Troll Konami

Image: Konami

Oh, silent Hill… We just can’t let you go.

In what appears to be a direct Konami publisher troll, Silent Hill.com, the domain was purchased by an unnamed individual, which featured a single tweet from series veteran Masahiro Ito lamenting the design of the iconic Pyramid Head.

The joke came about because Konami was unable to renew the domain, which seems to be a recurring case for the company, which is set to expire in 2019. In this case, Konami was able to buy the domain. Konami currently has a Silent Hill Portal. on your own website; therefore, perhaps the company does not consider it necessary to have a separate domain.

Concerning the tweet itself — which says, “I wish I didn’t design [censored expletive which rhymes with ‘ducking’] Pyramid Head” – He didn’t elaborate on why he regrets Pyramid Head’s design, but hinted that Konami’s constant use of the design devalues ​​the character.

The Silent Hill franchise has been dormant since 2012, and Nintendo’s last release was the excellent Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Nintendo Wii in 2009. Celebrity developer Hideo Kojima attempted to revive the series in 2014 with Guillermo del Toro using Silent Hills, but Konami ultimately decided to cancel the project entirely.

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