Random: Um, Why Has Square Enix Re-Uploaded The Final Fantasy 9 Trailer?

Final Fantasy IX, the game my father created last fantasy franchise Hironobu Sakaguchi named his favorite, is already out on Switch. It came out in 2019. In 2020, it was even released on physical media.

Why then did Square Enix decide to re-upload the game’s trailer to their Japanese YouTube account?

The series is already gearing up for its 35th anniversary, and Square Enix has said its new anniversary site “will support new releases, share information about upcoming games and merchandise,” but that upload appears to have come at a random time, no matter what.

The download has been seen on Reddit and one user stated that he could potentially promote a new physical release (actually this is the code in the box, hm/h):

In addition, we already know that Final Fantasy IX will receive an animated show, which was supposed to start production earlier this year. And were remake rumors of this classic record for a while. Final Fantasy VII does not need to be obtained all love, right? To give us something mix Square.

We assume that until we hear more, we’ll just have to play as Vivi and Steiner in the Chocobo GP. Or listen to the soundtrack over and over, courtesy of Square Enix’s new music channel.

What do you think the trailer repost means? Are you one of those who want to see a Final Fantasy IX remake? Let us know about it in the comments!

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