Random: Valve Artist Reimagines Ace Attorney Characters As ’80s Lawyers

Image: Claire Hummel (@shoomlah)

Anyone with eyes, a heart, and a copy of even one of the Ace Attorney games. Will agree that this is a series of games full of cold-blooded beauties. (Can you both be stone-cold as well as gorgeous?)

From Edgeworth’s aloof paternal suaveness in a maroon suit to Mia Fey’s unsettling ghostly cleavage inhabiting other people’s bodies. there’s something for everyone, and though we definitely play for the sake of the story, it doesn’t hurt to have a few well-dressed, fine young lawyers propping up a bench.

The fan art we’re showing today is a bit unusual in that it’s taken from inside the gaming industry by Valve artist Claire Hummel (aka Shoomlah), whose work you might know as a concept artist for Bioshock Infinite. Campo Santo In the Valley of the Gods and a VR game from Valve, Half-life: Alyx. You may also know her other fan art. Ranging from Wet Grumpy Pikachu as well a mind-blowing look at the musical Hamilton. Hummel, like everyone else who has the eyes and heart and a copy of at least one Ace Attorney game. Is a big fan of the Ace Attorney games and is currently working on a “random” Ace Attorney series that features the main cast as 80 lawyers and ’90s with padded shoulders.

Franziska von Karma wears a mini miniskirt, blue eyeshadow, and a pout so strong it could kill a man, while Mia Fey personifies “a fun-loving young upstart ready to step into the court and change everything from the inside”. “The vibe we loved in the 80s business movies. Plus, they’re best friends and braid each other’s hair at sleepovers. This is our personal headcanon. Meanwhile, Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright are largely copying the massive mobile phone, the Michael-Douglas image of Wall Street, while at the same time making that shy “ahh, that guy” look Fraser or Seinfeld. This is the perfect field.

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