Random: Watch Triangle Strategy’s Character Designer Bring The Game’s Art To Life

Naoki Ikushima burst onto the scene in 2018

With the release of Square Enix HD-2D’s turn-based love letter to classic RPGs Octopath Traveler. His gorgeous, painterly art is perfect for diorama-style environments and pixel-perfect characters. Since then, he has been working with producer Tomoya Asano on Bravely Default II and the latest game from renowned manufacturer Square Enix, Triangle Strategy. Nintendo brought from Europe this is a great video which was published last week, to our attention via Twitter. In the video, Ikushima depicts the protagonist of the strategic role-playing game, Serenoa Wolfforth, and his fiancée, Frederica Esfrost, standing on top of a cliff looking into the distance. The “sketch”, as they say in the video, is simply amazing:

Triangle Strategy can be a tough game full of political strife and difficult decisions, so this drawing should give the characters some light before the darkness is coming. We are jealous that we cannot draw anything so beautiful!

In our review of Triangle Strategy, we praise the game’s visuals and performance, and overall, “this game is nearly flawless.”

Let us know what you think of the art of the game, or Naoki Ikushima’s work in general, in the comments.

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