Ransomware group claiming responsibility for Nvidia attack is hacked in turn

Graphics card maker Nvidia has been the victim of a ransomware attack over the past few days bloomberg. Nvidia released a public statement about the attack on Friday, acknowledging that it happened but not going into detail about the extent of the hack. Nvidia said in a statement, “We are still working on evaluating the nature and scope of the event and do not currently have additional information to share.”A Bloomberg source at Nvidia described the hack as relatively minor and denied it had any connection to the recent outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine. There were fears that Russia would use cyber warfare measures against Western countries in response to sanctions against Russia and assistance on behalf of Ukraine.

Report from Telegraph and sister site PC Gamer, Tom’s equipment, paints a more serious picture of the scale of the attack. Nvidia’s mail system and developer tools are allegedly down for several days, either directly due to an attack or as a defensive measure by Nvidia.

Another highlight of the story hot equipment reports that a ransomware group called “Lapsus” claimed responsibility for the attack by posting redacted screenshots of directory listings and proprietary source code, which they threaten to release in full unless Nvidia pays.

Oddly enough, it appears that Lapsus has suffered a ransomware attack of its own, which the company characterizes as Nvidia’s retaliation. This seems out of character for a $600 billion corporation, but the growing risk of cybersecurity threats may encourage corporations to think outside the box when it comes to countermeasures. Expect further clarification from Nvidia on the attack and its aftermath in the coming days.


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