Razer launches new streaming hardware including RGB key light

Razer, one of the most recognizable manufacturers

PC peripherals are launching a new line of products aimed at streamers. Most of these entries don’t seem flashy and are more about functionality. That Razer Seiren Bluetooth Headset Microphone is a lapel clip microphone designed for streamers on the go. Many streamers sit around a table with a sizeable standalone microphone and play games, but things are steadily changing as streaming continues to diversify. There are cooking streams, IRL streams, mobile gamers, fitness streams, virtual reality, and more.

A more miniature, portable microphone attaches to your clothing is a great solution. Priced at $99 or AU$165.95, if this omnidirectional mic is fit for purpose as stated on the can, it could be an excellent mic for all sorts of content creators.

Another proposed sound solution is Razer Audio Mixer. This analog set-top box allows you to mix sounds outside of your PC. It has a 4-channel interface with direct inputs for all your standard devices and works with Razer Synapse 3 software for further customization and fancy RGB lighting.

It may seem a little niche, but most streamers will tell you that your sound is one of the most important things to get right. This can be tricky and gives streamers an extra level of control related to the brand and software they are familiar with. At $249.99 or AU$419.95, it’s expensive and peculiar but can be a valuable piece of audio enhancement kit that’s hopefully comfortable and easy to use.

Lighting is a particularly tricky thing for streamers. The final product in the line, Razer Light Chroma Key quite bright. It’s like a custom studio light for streamers. These are lights usually located in front of some streamers, shedding a beautiful diffused light on their installation and faces.

The time of day, your room, how bright the game you’re playing, your camera, and many other factors can come into play. The studio light is handy for creating even lighting of the scene, and since this light is from Razer, it comes with customizable RGB lighting.

It has a lot of nice-looking features like a small footprint and desktop clip, and with 2800 lumens of brightness, it might be the most RGB thing Razer has ever made. At $299.99 or AU$519, this is by no means a cheap lamp, but it does have a few bells and whistles that might justify the price.

This product release looks like Razer is tapping into some of the more niche needs of streamers. I can’t wait to see what we end up selling for what tomorrow’s streamer can do for fun.

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