Retro Pixel Art Shmup ‘Z-Warp’ Hyperdrives Onto Switch This April

Image: Istasiasoft

Yesterday we reported on Eastasiasoft’s 2022 Spring Showcase, and now we have additional details on one of the games that caught our attention. Z-Warp, developed in collaboration with Panda Indie Studio, is a vertical shooter in the same vein as classics like Ikaruga and Mushihimesama and looks like the gorgeous GBA game with bright and colorful pixels art. More GBA-style illustrations, please!

The game releases on April 6, and aside from its aesthetic, Z-Warp looks set to bring some of everyone’s favorite genre elements to the Switch. Here is what Eastasiasoft has to say about the game in their official promotional video, followed by several screens of the game in action:

In the year 21XX, a spaceship capable of warping space-time was built and launched but lost in the unknown depths of space during its first trip. When a distress call is received, it’s up to you, the most experienced pilot of the Z Division, to find the experimental ship and retrieve its black box for investigation. This mission will take you to a hellish realm where you will have to survive waves of diabolical enemies if you want to return alive and victorious!

Z-Warp is an intense retro pixel art vertical shooter game with frantic arcade action where your only allies are blasters, bombs, and special KILLER items.

– Experience old-school vertical action with new modern mechanics!

– Survive waves of demonic enemies using various types of shots and bombs.

– Charge up your special KILLER to instantly destroy everything near your ship!

– Increase your score multiplier through efficient and skillful play.

– Test your skills in the story mode or challenge the endless mode with unlimited replays!

Z-warp 01Z-warp 03

You can expect some crazy bullet hell when Z-Warp releases on April 6th on Switch and all other digital-only consoles. Are you excited to play another sham on the go? Let us know about it in the comments!

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