Returnal: Ascension DLC adds co-op and a new survival mode

Return, the exclusive third-person action game for PlayStation 5 released last spring, is getting a lot of new downloadable content. Free DLC called Return: Ascension arrives March 22. It includes a new co-op mode and a survival mode. We have included the trailer above. IN Return Players take on the role of Selene, a woman stuck in a time loop that is battling a 3D gunfire hell. The game received rave reviews, including here at Polygon, where we said it “takes the time loop genre to the next level.”

However, up to this point, the game has always been single-player. Return: Ascension will add a co-op mode that will allow players to experience the original game with a friend.

However, the Sisyphus Tower mode in the DLC is single-player only: “This is an ascending gauntlet with progressively more dangerous phases,” the official description says, “each of which consists of twenty floors. Upon entering, eliminate all enemies on each floor and secure your passage to the next level. Just be prepared for what you might find inside.”

Players will only be able to unlock the Tower after finding the Ikarian Hold, so be sure to leave a save slot there when you get the chance.

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