Returnal: Ascension Gameplay Reveals The Endless Tower Of Sisyphus Mode

 Described as an ascending gauntlet of increasingly dangerous phases, the Tower of Sisyphus will have its own story components and unique reactions from protagonist Selene depending on how far you’ve progressed in your own “Return” campaign.

“We wanted to take Returnal’s strongest combat elements

And combine them into a very focused package full of intense action,” Returnal game director Harry Krueger explained in the video. “Like many of the endless modes we’ve done in the past, Sisyphus Tower also tracks your progress from room to room and phase to phase. to get the highest possible score, you will have a multiplier that you also need to keep alive. We thought this was a great way to add depth and replayability to Returnal. A familiar package with a whole new twist.”

Ascension also includes a co-op campaign mode that allows you to

“Share your entire journey through the volatile labyrinth of Atropos” with another player. It will be available for free on March 23rd for all Returnal players. The studio is already working on its next game, although this project is still in its infancy. Krueger added that with the security of the PlayStation acquisition, the deal gives the company “a clear future and a stable opportunity to continue with gameplay-centric approaches” as it creates more experimental video games.

In case you missed it when it first came out

Returnal received positive reviews for its combination of intricate hellish action, third-person exploration, and roguelike elements. In our review of Returnal, Mike Epstein wrote, “Does it take a little bit of courage to play Returnal? Yes. Is it necessary to be a glutton for punishment? It helps. I’m not sure if this is always the case, but Returnal makes a good case.”

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