Returnal Update 3.0 To Add Campaign Co-Op And New Survival Mode

Announced during Sony’s latest State of Play presentation, Returnal: Ascension is the newest expansion to grace 2021’s roguelike and add a whole new element of challenge – and collaboration – to the sci-fi shooter. Returnal will feature a co-op campaign and a new survival mode. The update is scheduled to release on March 23 and will be free for all players.

According to PlayStation, Returnal.  Ascension adds a robust co-op campaign mode that lets you “share your entire journey through the volatile labyrinth of Atropos with another player. In addition, the update also adds Sisyphus Tower. An ascending gauntlet of increasingly dangerous phases, each consisting of twenty floors. Upon entering the tower, players will be tasked with eliminating all enemies on each floor before moving on to the next. With many fierce battles and unexpected challenges are hidden on each floor.
While this new co-op mode could take the pressure off the game’s infamous grueling campaign. Housemarque has confirmed that friends won’t be able to join you in Sisyphus Tower or the game’s challenge mode.
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