Roach has nothing on this adorable robot horse that can deploy an aerial drone

Roach has nothing on this adorable robot horse that can deploy an aerial drone

This year at International Robot Exhibition (or iRex 2022) in Japan, we learned that if you want to stand out in the animal robot arms race, you have to think big. Kawasaki Heavy Industries has unveiled the “RHP Vex”, a four-legged robot that somewhat resembles the horse from Elden Ring. But instead of being a mystical ghost horse that can double jump, it’s a robot horse with LED horns that can launch an aerial drone from its back.


According to Vex is a 100 kg robot designed to transport people and things, such as an artificial hybrid of a pack mule and a mountain goat. Vex uses wheels for flat surfaces and also walks on its four legs to get over uneven terrain.

The legs can move using V-Sido, a robot control system that allows the generation of gait motion so that the legs move almost like a locomotive. In-wheel mode, the Vex kneels where the wheels are, just in case he’s in a hurry. Another wheel slides out of his belly for stability.


According to Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Vex can connect to a network of autonomous delivery robots and successfully take off and land on your back during last year’s tests. The idea is that, in theory, the Vex could climb over rough terrain at high altitudes to deliver cargo or deploy drones in areas too unsafe for people or vehicles.

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I hear that he can “unwrap” anything, I’m afraid Vex might go from this cute robot horse that can deliver beer to the mountains to a cute robot horse with a minigun on the head. his back is like the robot dogs in Battlefield 2042. Roach from The Witcher 3 and especially the D-Horse from Metal Gear Solid 5 should be jealous of the versatility.

I know what you are going to ask. Yes, you can ride the robot horse. Vex can be controlled onboard using the steering wheel, oddly enough, or remotely using a joystick. Just as much fun to ride, I can not tell. But one day I hope to ride the Vex.


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