Russian esports teams banned from Apex Legends, FIFA, and Rainbow Six Siege pro leagues

Electronic Arts have announced that due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine,

esports players and teams from Russia and Belarus will no longer be allowed. To compete in the Apex Legends and FIFA 22 professional leagues. From now on, players and teams from Russia and Belarus are not eligible to participate in Apex. Legends Global Series and EA Sports FIFA 22 Global Series.” EA’s decision to exclude Russia and Belarus from its professional leagues. Comes two weeks after ESL suspended Russian teams Virtus. Pro and Gambit from participation in the 15th season of the ESL Pro League. Smaller pro league operators Explosion as well as Eliza. Also imposed bans on the activities of Russian organizations.

However, following the example of the Olympics,

ESL said it would allow Russian teams and players to enter their competitions under “neutral” names. Without team logos or national colors, a compromise that Virtus. pro eventually agreed to. Ubisoft made a similar offer in the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League announcement released today.

β€œIn light of the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine,

All official competitions across our gaming portfolio in Russia, such as the Russian Major League Rainbow Six Siege. Have been suspended,” the post reads. “Russian players will still be able to compete in regional and international competitions if they wish, but they will have to compete under neutral banners and they have agreed to do so.”

EA hasn’t said if it will make similar discounts for its Global Series players – I’ve reached out to ask and will let you know if I get a response.

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