Sad Halo Infinite Fans Buy Dragon Gun That Looks Bad In Action

For the fourth launch of its samurai event, Halo Infinite, I will sell a nozzle for weapons in the form of a dragon. It attaches to the barrel of your battle rifle, theoretically making it look like your gun is spewing fire every time you fire. The only problem? From a first-person point of view, you know, from the point of view you’re playing from. Halo Infinite doesn’t look like a dragon at all.

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IN Halo InfiniteCheck out the Microtransaction Store this week for the Crimson Serpent Weapon Pack, available for 600 Credits ($6 or slightly less if you’re a Game Pass member). It includes a deluxe red and black weapon skin that works with eight guns, including finally the Hydra launcher, as well as the Orochi’s Breath weapon attachment, which should look like this:

But in an actual match, it looks like. Chito:

Others have noted that when you equip the green skin on your battle rifle, Orochi’s Breath strongly resembles a chewed-up piece of irradiated extra:

It’s easy to see how the player can end up with this. After all, there is no way to preview what weapon attachments will actually look like in the game before you buy them. It’s less clear how the design got through the development process without someone pointing the finger and saying “laughs.” Microsoft representatives, Halo InfiniteThe publisher, did not respond to a request for comment.

Developer last month, 343 enterprises were overhauled how Halo InfiniteThe microtransaction store worked by separating single items from bundles and lowering prices across the board. By and large, the Crimson Serpent weapon set is a better deal than what was previously available; over half a dozen weapon skins for 600 credits, a price that was unheard of before the store remake. The players responded in kind, naming everything from “pretty good deal” to “best value for money of all packages.”

But Orochi’s Breath raises a small issue: Halo Infinite should let you see what weapon attachments look like from a first-person perspective before you buy them. It’s the smallest nitpick, but when you’re asking people to shell out for very real money, this feature should be there. Otherwise, players will randomly buy Cheeto.


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