Sadako From Japanese Horror Movie The Ring Is Now A YouTuber

I wonder what everyone’s favorite vengeful spirit is up to? When you don’t get out of the TVs and appearance in Dead by daylight, she makes clips on YouTube. That’s right, Sadako is now a YouTuber. Sadako’s channel, 貞子の井戸暮らし or Sadako’s Life in the Well, was launched on March 5, with 3/5 being a pun in Japanese on her name. This is not a fan account but an official channel!

Sadako gives a tour of her room, showing off her cathode-ray TV and the Well she sleeps in.

Her debut video is as clumsy as any new YouTuber’s. Her video is peppered with cheesy music and sound effects in the style of a popular Japanese YouTuber. Hikakin. She’s not quite at ease yet and still looks much more relaxed when she scares the hell out of people. It will come with time.

(Even though these clips are supposed to be playful and goofy, I’m still a little scared and excited. them!) In her next video, she answers 100 questions so fans can get to know her better. She is much more than just a nightmare-inducing spirit! She said that her favorite book ring but her favorite movie, Ghostbusters, and her favorite manga Jiu-Jitsu Kaisen. Of course, she also said that she spends a lot of time combing her hair.

Sadako also uploads some of her favorite memories,

Such as the time she threw the first pitch at a baseball game. She has a good hand and great aim. I wonder if she’ll upload a clip showing the time she worked in a Japanese fast food restaurant. Ah, memories. As a YouTuber, Sadako plans to play video games, eat food, sing, and more. If she gets enough followers, she even hopes to do the inevitable. collaboration with Hikakin. Maybe they will see who has the coolest music and sound effects? Now, this would be scary.

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