Sea Of Thieves Forts: Tips, Prison Cell Key, And All Sea Fort Locations

Sea of ​​Thieves is in its sixth season, which means new mysteries and adventures await you. The highlight of this season’s new content is the new phantom-infested sea forts designed to take over the old forts in Sea of ​​Thieves more quickly. Instead of a dozen or more rounds of skeletal combat, these new sea forts only take a few minutes, though they retain the lucrative qualities of the old forts. Here’s everything you need to know about Sea Forts, including where to start them, how to defeat them, and what happens with that Prison Cell Key.

Sea of ​​Thieves – what are sea forts?

These pyramid-like stone fortresses have emerged from the sea as Captain Flameheart’s influence in the pirate kingdom continues to reassert its dominance. You can head to any sea fort and dodge a few cannonballs before docking and heading inside to fight waves of Flameheart’s followers.

After five rounds of horde-like PvE combat, the ghost captain will become your boss. Defeating the captain will cause them to drop their Fortress Treasury Key, which is used to open the Fort’s main loot room, located just one floor above sea level. Inside this treasure chest, you’ll find a lot of Cursed Treasures – ghostly green chests, skulls, and supply caches – but throughout the fort, during or after the phantom battle, you’ll find other loot scattered all over the place.

Once the dust settles, be sure to collect all this loot. You deserved it. Also, note that Sea forts are much more interactive than normal forts.. On each floor, you’ll find cabinets, drawers, and chests of drawers that open up, and in most of them, you’ll find even more trinkets that can be exchanged for gold. Best of all, you can even find a second key, Fortress Shop Room Key, which unlocks an additional loot room on the top floor of the fort. This will be hidden in a random hideout each time you arrive at the sea fort.

Sea forts require less time than skeleton forts.

This extra loot is meant to tease you with a difficult choice: quickly take what you can, or stay in search of extra treasure, daring other players to interrupt you and snatch your loot? The choice is yoursIf you can’t hit your allies with them, you’ll quickly deal with ghosts using Sea of ​​Thieves’ hottest throwable weapons.

Prison cell key

Meanwhile, the third locked door, the prison cell, requires a third key, but no one has found that key so far. Common sense dictates that these prison cells will influence future adventures, new time-limited story chapters of Sea of ​​Thieves. The first of these modes was launched in February and featured the rebirth of the Fiery Heart. Since the prison cells in the Sea Forts clearly contain some kind of occult items inside – and no obvious loot – it is likely that these cells are also connected to the story. Briefly, the key to the prison cell is not yet. The next adventure, Forts of the Forgotten, should uncover that elusive clue later in the season.

Sea fort locations

There are currently five sea forts in the open world of Sea of ​​Thieves, and they are fairly well spread throughout the map. You can find sea forts marked as “strongholds” on your map in the following locations on the map grid:

  • Imperial Crown Fortress – B11
  • Mercy’s Edge Keep – P14
  • Old salt fortress – K21
  • Royal Cross Fortress – J6
  • Traitor’s Fortress of Doom F6

The difficulty of the Sea Fort, like other actions in the game, depends on the size of your team. This means that even though the task of downloading all of your riches may take a while in single-player mode, the enemies thrown at you will be built to challenge you, but won’t feel overwhelming.

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