Seagate is selling Star Wars SSDs that look like beskar ingots from The Mandalorian

Seagate just released three drives based on The Mandalorian.

Beskar Ingot Special Edition FireCuda drives come as an external hard drive, M.2 NVMe or SATA SSD. The design is based on the beskar bars seen in the first season of The Mandalorian and even includes the seal of the Galactic Empire.

Star Wars branding aside, the NVMe SSDs are actually the Firecuda 530, one of our favorite gaming SSDs. 530s offer pretty good all-around performance but get more expensive when it comes to other M.2 drives like the WD Black series. However, these drives don’t look as good as these, so here’s the deal.

So what exactly are Beskar bars, and why am I irrationally excited, you ask? Well, if you will:

When the Empire fell after the Battle of Yavin 4 and the destruction of the Second Death, the remnants of the Empire used Oskar bars as currency, as galactic credits were worthless in the New Republic.

In the series, a Mandalorian obtains a stash of Beskar ingots after completing a bounty on some dubious former Imperial officers and scientists. Mando then melts down the bear and forges it into sleek armor before going off to make a bunch of Star Wars stuff.

I’m done talking about Star Wars. I swear.

The 2TB hard drive is currently on sale for $100 on Amazon. The SATA SSD has 1TB and 2TB models priced at $168 and $284 respectively. NVMe SSDs are available in 1TB and 500GB capacities and retail for $273 and $168.

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