Sega And Koei Tecmo Donate To Humanitarian Efforts In Ukraine


Parent organization Sega Sammy Group announced it makes donations to Ukraine through its subsidiaries Sega Corporation, Sega Europe, and Sega of America. The conglomerate also released the following statement:

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is rapidly escalating. We support the people of Ukraine as they continue to suffer the consequences of this conflict.

Sega makes a significant donation and directs donations from its employees to various humanitarian aid targets focused on Ukraine. The money will go towards desperately needed aid for those affected.

While Sega did not disclose the amount it donated, Koei Tecmo has made its figure clear. According to Famitsucreators Dynasty Warriors announced the provision of $500,000 in humanitarian aid to Ukraine, with the money going to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The company expressed its desire for peace and global stability.

Other well-known Japanese gaming companies have not been as active as Sega and Koei Tecmo in terms of real support or humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The game developers, who I think will be more supportive, either react with restraint or do nothing at all. Hopefully, this will change in the coming days and weeks. We’ll see.

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