SEOFinal Fantasy Publisher Fixing Chocobo GP After Fans Revolt

The players were furious with the game. Nickel-and-Diming and Grinding Season Pass with microtransactions. Issue warning messages have exploded on Twitter and Reddit, and now Square Enix says it’s listening to feedback and working on fixing things.

Here are other key findings:

  • All players will receive an additional 500 mithril (paid in-game currency).
  • Starting from Season 2, Mithril will become a reward in the Prize Pass.

Square Enix did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Many players compared Chocobo GP to Mario Kart Tour,

The mobile spin-off of the Nintendo racing blockbuster. Bye Tour contains many microtransactions and gacha lottery mechanics and is also free. Chocobo GPmeanwhile costs $50 exclusively on the same console where you can buy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for just $10 more. Chocobo GP there is a stripped-down Lite version that players can try for free, but oddly enough, you need to buy the full game buy a premium subscription.

Many players have praised Chocobo’s GPbasic racing feel and mechanics, including his magician system, which is a more complex system. Mario Kartitem boxes. But microtransactions have overshadowed much of the game itself. “PSA: DO NOT buy Chocobo GP for your children, especially if a payment method is linked to your account,” reads the most popular post last month on the Nintendo Switch subreddit. Poor Chocobo.

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