Sifu’s incredible Batman mod is just the tip of the iceberg

Earlier today, I saw a new mod in action from NosbornGG, which adds Robert Pattison’s version of Batman to the game, which looks incredible. It turns out that if you don’t like this particular caped crusader, you can play as Telltale instead.

There is an imposing number of these mods available now, many of which depend on the skill of modder HalfMillz. They are responsible for the mod, which allows you to make the main character Neo:

And the one that lets you turn every enemy into Agent Smith to fit this theme and change the tint, making the game world more matrix.

Meanwhile, modder AmooryKSArab drew inspiration from the real world and put the legendary Bruce Lee into the game, probably the biggest Sifu of Sifu mod there will ever be.

There are too many to list, but a brief overview would include: classic spiderman, Rorschach, Goku, Power Rangers, and mainly for my old housemate who used to binge-watch the show: this is naruto!

However, the best Sifu mod I could find does nothing more than replacing the main character with Phil Collins. As the description says, “Phil is in the air today, but not in the way you expected.”

These mods cover video game characters, superheroes, and other random add-ons on the NexusMods game page. And if you need help fighting like Neo instead of Mr. Anderson, here’s our guide to mastering Sifua combat.

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