Silent Hill Creator Would Like to Make Another Game Like It

Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama has said that he would like to return to psychological horror someday and create another game similar to his creepy classics.

Conversation as part Q&A session Talking about his new Bokeh Game Studio, Toyama explained that he hopes to do something similar to Silent Hill someday, but right now, he has the opportunity to do something more dynamic, and that’s what he’s aiming for. Bokeh’s first game, Slitterhead.


“I want to do something with some classic psychological horror themes someday as I did with Silent Hill,” he said. “However, I prefer to do this when I’m working with really limited resources, like budget or the need to focus on one person. Right now, we have employees who are able to work on the action. I want to use their skills to take a different direction.”

“However, I also want to do something more personal someday,” he concluded.

Slitterhead includes action and action scenes but also includes aspects of more intellectual horror. “I wanted a game where you could enjoy your action, but the concept didn’t solely revolve around killing enemies,” Toyama explained. “It conflicts with the mind, causing players to refuse to engage in certain fights. I want to achieve both action and drama in this game.”

Slitterhead trailer gallery

So while Slitterhead won’t be like Silent Hill, there’s more to the game than just fighting monsters that eat people. Boke aims to use horror to “deepen the sense of immersion for the player” rather than just focusing on gore.

Toyama has previously said that he thinks remaking Silent Hill will be more of a challenge than the recent Resident Evil remakes. Perhaps then we can hope for a spiritual continuation from him instead.

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