Six years on, the free DLC keeps coming for tactics RPG Battle Brothers

About flesh and faith out now for Battle Brothers, a free DLC that will add two new origins for your mercenaries, as well as a set of events and equipment suitable for both. We’re big fans of Battle Brothers on PC Gamer, a 2017 tactical RPG that puts you in charge of a company of mercenaries in a complex fantasy world called The Darklands. Our EIC Evan Lahti even composed an entire ode to the Battle Brothers.

One lineage, Oathtakers, sees your troops “follow the teachings of Young Anselm” by fighting for righteousness and taking oaths that grant bonuses and counterbalance disadvantages until you fulfill them. The other, Anatomists, sees you play twisted medics who can dissect fallen enemies. They have a rather compelling description: “Keep up your explorations, even if they shun you for it, dissect the corpses of your fallen enemies, and invent new ways to strengthen your people.”

The DLC adds new mechanics, banners, and equipment for both factions, as well as over 50 new events to take place on your journeys. Developer Overhype calls it “a love letter to Battle Brothers fans after nearly six years of traveling together” and it’s pretty clear the admiration is mutual: this must be one of the few Steam DLC pages I’ve ever seen, players too bad they couldn’t pay the devs for that.

Overhype continues to actively work on its next game, which many hope will be Battle Brothers 2. In any case, in the meantime, completely new ways of fomenting a peasant uprising have appeared.

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