Sniper Elite 5 targets May release date

Sniper Elite 4 was a very entertaining third-person

Shooter with a focus on stealth and shooting Nazis from a distance. This is truly one of my favorite shooters of recent times, and Tyler liked it too.writing that it “embraces free play, gets better in co-op, and most importantly, allows us to shoot from afar.”

Its long-awaited (me) sequel is Sniper Elite 5,

And Rebellion has confirmed a release date: May 26th. As is always the case with these games, if you pre-order Sniper Elite 5 you get a special mission. Centered around sniping at Hitler himself. “You’ll be able to infiltrate the Berghof, Hitler’s private mountain residence in the Bavarian Alps. Which is teeming with well-armed close guards and plenty of collectibles for sharp-sighted snipers,” the official ad reads.

In January, Rebellion also confirmed that Sniper Elite 5 will feature a new “invasion mode”

Similar to the one featured in Dark Souls. So, expect to be attacked from time to time by a player-controlled Axis sniper, who can also use other AI-controlled Axis soldiers to spot the allied sniper. Sounds fun. In keeping with the usual WWII setting, Sniper Elite 5 will move from Italy from the latter part to France. Expect a series of sprawling sandbox maps with tons of verticality, all the better to shoot Nazis from a very long distance and then enjoy slow X-ray footage of bullets entering skulls. Preorder open for Steam now.

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