Sonic 2 Movie Prequel Comic Will Feature A Robotnik Story “Spearheaded” By Jim Carrey

The second release of the Sonic movie is almost here, and in case you missed it, IDW is releasing an official pre-feather comic tying together the first and second adventures of the blue spot on the big screen.

It will go on sale later this month on March 23rd for $6.99 and will feature five stories over 40 pages with illustrations by Tracey Yardley, Adam Bryce Thomas and Evan Stanley. And here Indeed An exciting announcement made by comic book writer Cale Fegley – Robotnik’s actor, Jim Carrey, was involved.

“If you need an extra incentive to order your copy of Sonic The Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Pre-Quill, Robotnik’s story was spearheaded by the absolute GOAT Mr. Jim Carrey! It’s really weird and cool.”

A fan asked what exactly that meant, and Fegley explained how Jim sent the concept to the team, which was then turned into a script with dialogue and fantasy art:

“It’s hard to describe without spoiling anything and I REALLY want people to enjoy fresh stories. But the bottom line is that Jim had a concept for Robotnik, and he sent us (through the producer) a rough plan of about a page. I turned it into a 5 page script with dialogue etc and the art team did it.”

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