Square Enix Launches YouTube Music Channel That Has Over 5,500 Tracks

Square Enix has uploaded a huge number of tracks from their various games to the new YouTube Music Channel, over 5500 songs in total. With 62 albums, you can officially listen to music from Chrono Trigger, Nier: Automata and many Final Fantasy games. Or you can just walk away Certified fireworks Jecht on a heavy metal theme on a loop that is still relevant today despite being over two decades old.

In addition to this, Square Enix has also launched a new YouTube channel called Square Enix Music, which contains links to playlists for all of his albums. Square Enix is ​​still in its infancy and plans to fill this video channel with additional videos detailing the creation of music for their games, music videos and interviews with the composers behind some of these iconic tracks.

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Taking a page from lo-fi music to relax while you study the piece, channel Soft minstrel mix which works for two hours, and more vigorous Airship cruise when you need sound amplification. In the video game department, Square Enix also had a few games to show off in yesterday’s State of Play, which you can check out here.

Square Enix’s commitment to allowing fans to listen to music from their classic games has been something fans have been asking for years from the publisher, as well as from other video game companies with rich musical histories. Nintendo is one such brand whose fans have called for releasing video game soundtracks online, but the company has been in the news for aggressively protecting its intellectual property.

Earlier this year, Nintendo issued over 4,000 copyright infringement warnings

To a single user who posted and downloaded music from its games, which eventually led to the closure of the GilvaSunner channel. Since then, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have launched a new website featuring a library of sounds from the 2006 Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games for the Nintendo DS, which pales in comparison to Total War: Warhammer 3’s metal approach to music.

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