Square Enix Tactics Game Looks Like Fire Emblem, But For PS5

It turns out we’re getting not one but two Square Enix tactical games this year. Triangle Strategy It was the first. During today’s Sony State of Play. The Japanese publisher revealed Chronicle of Biofield would be the second, and it gives me the leading Fire Emblem energy. It was coming to PS4 and PS5 sometime in 2022. The trailer showed off warring kingdoms, tactical overhead combat, and very British voice acting. Because nothing says imperial intrigue like the Queen’s English, it also looks like there is a summons that will overwhelm the battlefield with all sorts of neat nonsense.

Realistic 3D Fight

While squads of stationary fantasy characters fight against a realistic 3D background, it is reminiscent of Fire Emblem: Three HousesReal Time Tactical Combat system is more like what you’ll find in 13 Guardians: Rim of the Aegisfor better or worse.

According to the message on the PlayStation Blog, the game’s story centers on a group of mercenaries called the Blue Fox. They wage war ravaging the continent between the forces of the Empire and those of the Alliance. Sounds very familiar and somewhat generalized, but there are very few tactical games, so I want to believe it.

Since the 1997 Final Fantasy Tactics for PS1, fans have been waiting for a true successor. There were many worthy follow-ups, and Fire Emblem the games have only gotten better since then. Still, nothing has been able to capture the mixture of the original’s political narrative and creative class system.

Chronicle of Biofield It doesn’t look like it either, but I wouldn’t be surprised. And since there will be no proper new Fire Emblem this year, I’m looking forward to him filling the tactical-sized hole in my play rotation later this year. If only this would come to the Nintendo Switch.


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