Square Enix Unveils The DioField Chronicle, A Brand New Strategy RPG Coming To Switch In 2022

Square Enix has just announced a new strategy RPG called Chronicle of Biofield. Created by the “veteran” strategy team at Lancarse Ltd, it’s filled with “amazing” visuals and sounds and promises to satisfy genre fans and new ones alike.

Briefly, the title is described as a “deeply strategic RPG” set in a world of honor and political intrigue. As the story progresses, players will guide units through multiple combat encounters using a “real-time tactical combat” system.

And here is the full story of the game:

The game takes place in a unique world that combines fantasy, medieval and modern elements. Under the rule of the Shaytham dynasty, the Allethane Kingdom on DioField Island has lived peacefully for 200 years, but the rise of new powers and modern magic means that is about to change.

The realm of Allethane is rich in jade, a precious mineral valued for its use as a primary ingredient in magic and sorcery. Of course, such a valuable resource will always attract attention, and inevitably both the Empire and the Alliance turn their eyes to the island.

During this conflict, you take command of a group of elite mercenaries who call themselves the Blue Fox. But will this name be a symbol of hope for the fighting Allethenes, or will it herald the darkest tragedy? …and when will you be able to find out?

Again, will the game be released later this year in 2022, and will be released on Switch and a few other platforms? What do you think? Tell us below.

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