Stalker 2 Dev, Based In Ukraine, Gives An Update Amid Russia Attacks

Stalker 2 developer GSC Game World, based in Ukraine, has provided an update on how the studio is reacting and behaving amid the Russian invasion of the country. The main office of GSC Game World is located in Kyiv, which has been and continues to be attacked by Russian troops. It is clear that at this time, the developers from GSC Game World have focused more on protecting themselves and their families, according to a recently released video from the studio. Meanwhile, the development of Stalker 2 faded into the background. “We are now committed to helping our employees, and their families survive. Game development has taken a backseat. But we will continue after the victory. Glory to Ukraine,” the team said.

The video contains heartbreaking videos of the terrorist attacks in Ukraine and the devastation left behind. It also demonstrates how quickly things can change. As GSC Game World said, it was editing a video about motion capture studio Stalker 2 until the attacks began on February 24th.

GSC was one of the first major developers in the world to respond to the crisis in Ukraine by issuing an initial statement that expressed optimism that the armed forces of Ukraine would win.

“Through pain, death, war, fear, and inhuman cruelty, Ukraine will survive. As always,” the studio said.

The developer plans to release Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl later this year, although it is not yet known if the project will be delayed.

After the attacks, Ukraine asked PlayStation, Xbox, and esports organizations to stop supporting Russia. Many film studios have stopped releasing new films in the country. Apple no longer sells any products there. 

If you’d like to help the relief effort, we’ve compiled a list of humanitarian organizations such as the Ukrainian Red Cross and UNICEF that you can donate to.

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