Stalker 2 development paused: ‘We are striving to help our employees and their families to survive’

Studio Stalker 2 GSC Game World was one of the first to oppose Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and called for financial assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The studio today released a short video highlighting the growing danger in the country, which has forced it to sideline Stalker 2 development by focusing on protecting its employees and their families.

The video begins with a stop at GSC’s motion capture studio, recorded last week as part of a scheduled demo of the Stalker 2 cutscene mocap work when Russia invaded.

“This video is our answer to the question “How are you guys?” question,” he continues. “Now, we are committed to helping our employees, and their families survive. Game development has taken a backseat. But we will definitely continue after the victory.

It’s a poignant ending to a video that’s hard to watch, especially given the increasingly dire situation in Ukraine. There is no mention of Stalker 2, which was supposed to be released on December 8, but of course, it is not: Russian troops massaging outside Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine and the hometown of GSC Game World, which, along with other Ukrainian cities, is increasingly heavy bombardment, and I’m pretty sure release dates are the last thing on anyone’s mind right now. I contacted GSC Game World to ask the “most common question” –are you guys okay? And will update if I get a response.


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