Star Wars Eclipse: everything we know

First presented at The Game Awards last December, The debut trailer for Star Wars Eclipse was undeniably amazing. This is arguably one of the most intense Star Wars-related material of the last few years, despite its pre-rendered mood.

For two dizzying minutes and thirty-seven seconds, hopes were high. Expectations were quickly dashed with the logo of Quantic Dream. Developers of the rickety Detroit: Become Human and a studio mired in deep controversy and with a patchy track record despite its cinematic leanings.

When will Star Wars Eclipse be released?

This release date is shrouded in mystery. At the Game Awards, the project was described as being in “early development”, which usually means it’s at least a couple of years away from release for a game of this size with a strong story. As impressive as the trailer is. It feels more like part of the tone than anything that represents the final game.

Some believe that it may be several years. Before the game sees the light of day. While any unsourced claims should be taken with a pinch of salt, prolific industry leader and freelance gaming journalist Tom Henderson has claimed to have inside information about the production of Eclipse, including a mention that the game will run on Quantic Dream’s engine.

The revelations are that the game is more ambitious than the usual Quantic Dream interactive movie and claims to be a full open world game. Henderson also claims that Eclipse is at least three to four years away. In December 2021, he indicated Quantic Dream in a Paris studio and 9 in Montreal during his Twitter post. As of February 2022, there were 59 vacancies in Paris and 4 in Montreal.

What game is Star Wars Eclipse?

Quantic Dream is tight-lipped on details. Except that the official website mentions that players will control a “diverse cast of charismatic characters” and (unsurprisingly given the studio’s track record) the focus will be on player choice, with “dramatic consequences” arising from solutions.

More interestingly, Tom Henderson’s leaks. While unsourced, suggests it’s more ambitious than several previous Quantic Dream games. Instead of being an interactive movie with random freeform walks, he claims, the studio is making a complete open-world adventure with some kind of multiplayer component.

Given that Quantic Dream started strange Omicron: Soul of the Nomad (featuring the late great David Bowie), the open-world game doesn’t quite go beyond its wheelhouse, but we haven’t seen any confirmation yet either way.

When and where does Star Wars Eclipse take place?

You know, of course, what they say about pride and falls; they send you down the garbage chute of history. In a galaxy far, far away, of course, a long time ago. In particular, the era of the High Republic. About two hundred years before Emperor Palpatine came and destroyed everything. A golden age when everything in the galaxy seemed (relatively) idyllic, the Jedi were in power and no one cared about the Sith anymore.

The official Eclipse website mentions that at least part of the game takes place in the Outer Rim. A virtually unexplored part of the galaxy where anything goes. Ripe territory for Quantic Dream to develop completely new worlds, races, and challenges that won’t break existing continuity and canon too much.

However, expect familiar elements. Loved by everyone Yoda looks thoughtfully out the trailer window. We also see the return of the Neimoidians. The race most closely associated with the Trade Federation, the faction that sparked the conflict that led to the fall of the Republic.

We also see an entire fleet of Trade Federation ships with droids engaged in the battle against a mysterious new faction with their capital ships, starfighters, and (as shown in one shot from the trailer). Is there a new threat in the Outer Rim? Time will show.

What is so controversial about Quantic Dream?

And so we come to in the room. While our very own Andy Chalk detailed the allegations hereIn short, Quantic Dream and its founder and director David Cage were up to their ears in allegations of sexism, homophobia, and other unacceptable acts. Quantic Dream has sued two collaborating French media outlets covering the issue.

Quantic Dream won one of the cases, mainly because of the publication in question. Le Monde was unwilling to reveal its anonymous sources. Another publication, Mediapart, won the case. It should be noted that nothing, in this case, exonerated Quantic Dream or disproved the allegations.

Whichever way you look at it, I would be very surprised to see anything concrete about this game before 2023, with a remote chance of it launching next year. I store the Eclipse in the same mental space as Beyond Good and Evil 2, Ubisoft’s open-world space epic; a potentially enjoyable game, surrounded by scathing rumors and negative reviews.


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