Starfield Introduces Its First Companion Character

In a new developer video,

Bethesda Game Studios CEO Todd Howard said, “No matter what story we write, what players tell themselves is what they think about and love most – and comrades.” We then saw an in-game shot of VASCO, a very practical-looking robot that greets viewers with “Hello Captain. How can I help you?”

Image of VASCO, Starfield’s first confirmed companion. (Image credit: Bethesda) Howard summed it up by saying, “Something that we really leaned on in this game. [is] how these other characters treated you.”

Starfield – March 2022 New Concept Art

Starfield’s new video covers a lot more than just companions and features information about the game’s factions, lots of new concept art, and how it repurposes the system used back in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

The long-awaited Xbox console exclusive arrives on November 11 and marks the first all-new Bethesda series in decades. We gradually learned about the game, including its 1st and 3rd person perspectives, its full mod support, and how players can choose pronouns and characters react accordingly.

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