Steal VCRs and cassettes from the 1980s in this open world thief sim

The creators of the popular thief simulator are returning to the past. American theft of the 80s is the next open-world theft game from developer Noble Muffins, and a free demo is out now so you can start breaking into houses in the dead of night and stuffing your backpack with non-existent electronics and cold cash.

Smaller items can be put in the backpack, although there isn’t much room, so it’s important to increase your appraisal skill so you can determine which items will sell for a good price and which ones you should ignore. I really like that stealing larger items like a microwave or an 80s square TV requires you to carry them in your arms, which is tricky when you’re trying to be inconspicuous. You will have to push it through the door or throw it out the window, then open the trunk of the car and place the item inside. You can’t crouch while doing any of this, so you really need to keep an eye out for potential bystanders.

There are also more complex heists with multiple stages, as well as a dirty cop at a dive bar who can sell you insider information about the various residences and what expensive goods you’ll find there. And the inhabitants of the city that you rob blindly are not trifles. If they hear you, they will come to investigate, and if they see you, they will call the police (presumably from a landline) or even try to grab you themselves.

A release date for American Theft 80s has yet to be announced, but the Steam page says it’s coming soon.

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