Steam Deck’s Windows 10 drivers are now available

Valve has always stated that Steam Deck can run Windows, but they need official drivers for Windows 10. Well, now they are available. The company posted a link to the drivers on Steam Blog and instructions on how to revert to the Steam Deck OS if players get stuck.

While the Windows 10 drivers will allow fans to boot this operating system on their Steam deck, their options are a bit more limited at the moment. Steam Deck currently only supports a complete Windows 10, which will replace the Steam Deck OS. The new drivers should make Windows 10 run smoothly on the deck, but there’s currently no way to run both.

However, Valve did mention that Steam Deck supports dual booting of the OS in their post. The Dual Boot Wizard isn’t ready yet, but when it arrives later, players will be able to choose which OS they want to boot.

Windows 11, the latest Windows OS, is also unavailable on Steam Deck. Although, as the dual boot, Windows 11 BIOS will be available soon.

With Windows on Steam Deck, players can do a few interesting things: first of all, they can run games that, for one reason or another, are not available on SteamOS. This includes the popular sci-fi shooter from Bungie. Destiny 2 cannot work through the Steam Deck OS due to problems with BattlEye anti-cheat. However, with Steam Deck running Windows 10, players can work Destiny 2 on the go, as shown in the video above.

In theory, installing Windows 10 means players can also use Xbox Game Pass for PC on the Steam deck. But all of these features (like Steam Deck itself) are still new, and players will likely need a few weeks to unlock the true potential of Steam Deck for Windows.

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