Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Gets New Demo for PS5 and PS4

A new demo of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is now available on PlayStation 5. And PlayStation 4 ahead of the game’s release on March 18th.

This new demo will guide players through the first three stages of opening the game. In addition, players can also transfer their save data from the demo to the main game, saving you the hassle of replaying those levels. When the full game is released.

Stranger of Paradise is a reimagining of the very first Final Fantasy game with RPG elements. The gameplay is very similar to Dark Souls. Where players must fight against enemies that are reset if the player is killed.

However, the hallmarks of Final Fantasy, such as the profession system, familiar locations and characters, will return once again. According to new PlayStation blog post, Stranger of Paradise is around 40 hours if the player is progressing at a steady pace. But given that players can try out about 30 different quests, the game time can be much longer depending on how deep the player wants to explore.

Stranger of Paradise will also come with multiple difficulty levels to ensure that players of all levels can enjoy the game, whether it’s advancing the story or completing the toughest challenges.

For more on the state of the game today, check out our roundup of everything that’s been announced here.

Matt TM Kim is the news editor for IGN. You can contact him @lawoftd.

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