Street Fighter 6 Logo Also Looks Like A Retailer’s Old Logo

More than just the Street Fighter 6 logo looks like an $80 clipbut it also looks like an old Taiwanese company logo.

Sundar 3C is a large chain of electronics stores located throughout Taiwan that sells gaming computers, peripherals, video games, and gadgets.

According to Yahoo! Taiwan news when Street Fighter 6 was announced fans immediately compared the game logo with the Sunfar 3C logo, and sarcastically joked about how Capcom copied him – which is, of course, unlikely!

The photo below shows Sunfar 3C stores on Google Maps.

The logo is really similar though there are slight differences between “S” and “F”.

The comparison even made it to Taiwanese TV news, which indicated that Sunfar had updated its logo. The new one, which is now being put up in stores, looks different. (Though some retailers haven’t updated the branding yet.)

Phew, the changed logo makes things a little less awkward when Street Fighter 6 will go on sale in Taiwan!

Yahoo! Taiwan news reports that Sunfar seems to have a good sense of humor about the whole coincidence, writing on Facebook that the logo is “87 percent similar” and asking those who want to buy video games to “remember the name Sunfar”. The network even updated its former logo on its website.

So Capcom can go ahead and use Street Fighter 6, the logo that is already shown if he wants to brand the future fighter with an emblem that not only looks like an 80 dollar picture but a logo that an electronics chain abandoned in favor of something better.

Or, you know, the upcoming sixth entry in Street Fighter the series can encompass the rich, iconic franchise branding that means so much not only to Capcom but to gaming history and fighting game fans alike.

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