Stuck On Margit Or Godrick In Elden Ring? Do These 7 Things To Beat Them

If you can’t beat Margit in Elden Ring or are stuck on Godric the grafted, you’re not alone. The first boss fights in Elden Ring are exceptionally difficult, even by FromSoftware standards, and serve as an example of what to expect if you get stuck on future bosses. The solution isn’t just to add more runes to your Tarnished one. If you are willing to put in some time and invest in some new approaches, you will stand a better chance in both fights.

Try poison or bleed

Margit and Godric are vulnerable to several status effects, including bleeding and poison. Clubs and maces increase the blood loss meter, or you can use Reduvia’s dagger if you’ve defeated Nerius Bloodfinger near Murkwater. The blood loss meter – invisible to you unless you’re bleeding out – fills up after five hits or so before dealing a lot of damage, so you won’t see an immediate effect.

Poison is potentially more effective. Check out the ruined houses in the Dragonburned Ruins, and you’ll find Deserter’s Cookbook 2. One of its recipes teaches you how to make poison bone arrows. Of course, you will need a bow or crossbow, as well as animal bones and poisonous blossom. Poison Blossom drops from Flower Enemies in Limgrave Waypoint Ruins, and you should be able to get enough to craft a few Poison Bone Arrows.

The downside is how difficult it is to use ranged attacks with Margit as he is agile and bridges the gap between you quickly. If you land a few hits, you will see that the poison works over time. Faithful characters can pick up the Toxic Mist spell from the Tear Scarab near the ramparts of Castle Morne, although you have less control over this than over arrows.

Be sure to use your call

Summoning wolves or jellyfish is perfect for both fights, and you should call them as soon as you cross the fog barrier. Wolves are more practical as they deal damage to super armor and create more chances to land critical hits. Medusa is more of a distraction – a high HP soft shield that Margit or Godric can attack while you attack them.

Upgrade your weapons

This advice we cannot recommend enough. Weapon level matters much more than character level in most difficult Elden Ring fights. Whatever your main weapon is, be sure to upgrade it a few times. If it’s a regular weapon, it should be at least +3 to fight Margit, although it’s better if you get stuck. You can find blacksmithing stones in mines or in enemy drops, and there are enough of them in Limgrave and the Weeping Peninsula for you to reach levels high enough to fight Margit.

Make sure you are using a strong weapon suitable for your combat focus. The meteor staff is perfect for sorcery lovers, and we have a set of powerful weapons that everyone else can get at the start of the game.

Don’t Forget About Your Buffs

Flask of Miraculous Physicist gives some buffs to your stamina and strong attacks, which is handy for blocking and dealing more damage, but you should also have some good Ashes of War by this point. Quality Ashes like Resolve, Storm Stomp, and Square boost your strength and boost your attacks while they’re active, so they’re a good choice for this fight.

If you have invested at least 10 points in Faith, you can purchase the Fortify Flame spell from Cortin in Round Table Keep. This boosts your fire defense and can make a difference in the fight against Godric.

Check your pockets

Elden Ring, like other Souls games, has an equipment weight system that makes it difficult to choose which equipment to wear. This only applies to equipped armor and weapons, although it can significantly impact your mobility. Medium load is where you want to be so you can dodge and move faster. If you have heavy weapons and armor, make sure you don’t go over the “Heavy Load” threshold, which slows you down so much that it’s nearly impossible to dodge attacks effectively.

Sellen sells magic spells at the basement door.

Meet the Glintstones

Those who have invested in exploration should take a good staff and buy these Glintstone spells from Sellen in Waypoint Ruins:

  • Glintstone Stars: Fires three Glintstone projectiles.
  • Carian Slicer: Glintstone melee attack
  • Swift Glinstone Shard: Swift Glintstone Shard Attack

Carian Slicer and Swift Glintstone Shard need an Academy Scroll and a Royal House Scroll, respectively. The Scroll of the Academy is in the graveyard southeast of the Church of Iryth in Liurnia, and the Scroll of the King’s House is in a chest on the hill opposite Evergaol’s Abandoned Hound in Limgrave.

Come back later

Speaking of Liurnia, it’s worth reiterating that you don’t have to deal with these fights right now. Margit, Godric, and all of Stormveil Castle are skippable. If this is too tiring, take the exit to Liurnia, get new equipment, level up, and try again later. GameSpot may earn commissions from retail offers.


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