Super Mario Strikers Datamine Shows Off Unused Character Models, Including A Full Team Of “Human Mario Brothers”

In anticipation of the release of Mario Strikers: Battle League on Nintendo Switch in June

— data miner “historian Mario” and Twitter user “Dogon McBanana” viewed the backend of the original GameCube recording, Super Mario Strikers. While “digging through the game’s files,” they came across a whole team of “regular Mario-style people,” and various other unused assets in the game’s final build that they thought would be worth sharing with Nintendo fans on social media.

I’ve been digging through the game files on a whim, and apparently. The final build of Super Mario Strikers on the Gamecube just has a whole team of regular Mario-style people. And a whole bunch of other unused stuff that I’ve never seen anyone talk about? ? (a thread)— Dogon McBanana (@Dogon_McBanana) February 25, 2022

Donkey Kong also has “Kong-like characters,” and Luigi also has “deceiving himself.” Although these models were not in the final game, it seems that Next Level Games. Considered creating original character designs to support the Mario characters.

It appears that at some point, each captain must have had their own unique team of assistants. For example, DK has a team of other Kong-like characters. Luigi also has a duplicate of himself as his buddy, presumably a stand-in. They all have textures, but they are in a strange format.— Dogon McBanana (@Dogon_McBanana) February 25, 2022] Some other interesting models that weren’t used were characters from Paper Mario as well as Super Mario Sunshine. First, we have “Dumb Bones” recreated in 3D and labeled “Medic”. In the game files and some Pianta security (found in the Mario Strikers prototype for E3). There are also all sorts of cameras, including a TV van and what I think would be Shy Guy’s only appearance, which was eventually replaced with the futuristic automatic cameras seen in the final game.— Dogon McBanana (@Dogon_McBanana) February 25, 2022

Additional finds include unused banners, signs, and a Goomba guard that appear to have something to do with the cut scene.


This unused Goomba guard also provides a small window into the theme of the peach_palace cut scene! All of these objects seem completely different in tone/style compared to the stages in the final game. (No other field has such a list of objects!)— Dogon McBanana (@Dogon_McBanana) February 25, 2022In several related news, an upcoming release of Nintendo Switch Sport, a data miner, was recently discovered, the results of which have led to theories that Nintendo might add several new sports in the future.

What do you think of the above character models? Are you looking forward to the return of the Mario Strikers series later this year? Leave a comment below.

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