Supercell Celebrates Clash Royale’s Sixth Birthday With Royale Crown Down Event

Massive mobile hit Supercell Clash Royale turns six this month, and the developer is celebrating the occasion in a big way. Starting this week, players can take part in Royale Crown Down, the largest community event ever held in Clash Royale.

From March 12 until March 24,

Players can join one of 12 specially crafted teams, each represented by a Clash Royale division and led by a popular content creator. The list of commands and their respective creators is as follows:

  • Archer – Orange Juice
  • Little dragon – Grax
  • Barbarians – Wahluf
  • Goblins – SirTag
  • Boar Rider – Benihu
  • Knights – JUNE
  • Mini Pekka – ClashArt
  • Musketeers – Artube Clash
  • Ram Rider – JoJonas
  • Skeletons – Kentsumeshi
  • Witch – YosoyRick
  • Wizard – Encounter with Ash

After joining a team,

Players will then complete in-game challenges to earn points, achievements, and other rewards, with the funds earned going towards the global rankings for their chosen team. The winning team will receive a “super-secret award” to be unveiled during an event at Supercell’s headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.
The in-game events that are part of the Royale Crown Down include the Tournament Challenge from March 12-26, the 2v2 Challenge from March 17-20, and the Infinite Elixer Challenge from March 21-24. Challenge participants will not only earn points for the team but will also unlock unique emote magic coins and more. Clash Royale is a card-based mobile multiplayer spin-off of Clash of Clans. To date, the game has been downloaded over 1.4 billion times worldwide.

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