Take The Day Off To Play Elden Ring Says Japanese Game Studio

This Friday, an ancient ring was released. If you’re looking forward to the game, going to work that day sucks. How will you focus? You’ll just be counting down the minutes – no, the seconds – until you can get out of this place and start playing From Software’s latest opus. The game is already called a masterpiece. So maybe you should just report sick, tell them you’re not in the mood to go to work. I know what you want; you know what you want. And Japanese game studio Pocket Pair knows it too.

Pocket Pair, located in Tokyo, is best known for its Craftopia which he describes as “an open-world survival crafting game.” Craftopia caught our attention at the game show last fall. “I’m still not entirely sure what the game’s deal is, but it’s definitely a fever dream that I’m definitely going to try.” wrote Kotaku Ari Notis at the time.

The guys from Pocket Pair are well aware that Elden Ring the release is such an event that it is officially declared an “Elden vacation” for all employees. They state in an Official statement they “think [staff] can’t concentrate on work. They are probably right!

This means that this Friday is an official holiday. How cool is that? Also, while it’s not officially a public holiday, the studio also states that employees don’t have to show up for work the following Monday. This means they can spend the rest of the month playing ancient rings.

This is not the first time. When Rise of the monster hunter was issued by another company, it established an officially announced “Monster Hunter Vacation” for all employees to stay at home and play Rise of the monster hunter about the release date for a nice three-day weekend. However, this leave did not apply to senior managers.

It’s unclear if the same will happen with the Pocket Pair, but seeing as how excited the head of the studio is, I doubt he’ll be at work on Friday.

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