Take-Two Faces Lawsuit Over “Deceptive And Unlawful” Loot Boxes In NBA 2K

Image: Take-Two Interactive

NBA 2K franchise. Loot boxes have been around for a while, but their game implementation continues to face scrutiny and controversy. In recent developments regarding this particular form of microtransactions, major publisher Take-Two Interactive has faced a class-action lawsuit over the use of loot boxes in the game.

Initially reported, Bloomberg filed the lawsuit was on behalf of the minor and his guardian. The complainant stated that loot boxes “psychologically distance” players from the actual financial consequences of such purchases, with minors being particularly susceptible to their appeal.

Plaintiff is seeking damages of at least $5 million, stating that “[Take-Two]dishonest, misleading and illegal activities, including illegal gambling, deceive, mislead and harm consumers.”

Take-Two Interactive has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

Loot boxes have been the subject of ongoing controversy for several years now. In 2020, the UK House of Lords proposed to the UK government that loot boxes be classified as gambling. The ESRB itself has even decided to introduce the descriptor into its game ratings, effectively alerting consumers to the inclusion of loot boxes.

As for Nintendo, the company has been typical of its products with caution in this area and has previously advised on how to keep children from using their parents’ credit cards.


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