Tencent Acquires Majority Stake in Rime Developer Tequila Works

Over the past few years, Tencent has been actively acquiring or investing in game studios.

Now the Chinese tech giant has become the majority shareholder of Spanish studio Tequila Works. The developer is known for games like Rime, Gylt. The Sexy Brutale and the upcoming Son of Nunu. A-League of Legends Story. IN a statement Tequila Works CEO Raul Rubio said, “For 12 years. Tequila Works teams have been passionate about creating high-quality games that radiate our personal sensibilities. But there is a limit to how much you can grow on your own.”

Rubio says Tencent is “a partner that can appreciate. The value of the best creative talent with originality as its banner. A partner that respects our independence and creative freedom. This partnership will allow us to focus on taking the original IP. We are known to even greater heights. And create the best experience we can dream of.”

Tencent has the resources to enable Tequila Works to become a stronger studio and produce high-quality studios,

As Luz Sancho, Chairman of Tequila Works explained. And the ability to bring these projects to a wider audience.” Pete Smith, vice president of partnerships at Tencent, also chimed in, saying. “Tequila Works’ creativity and attention to detail have resulted in games. That appeal to viewers around the world. about their exciting ambitions for future games.”

Other recent acquisitions by Tencent include developers such as Turtle Rock Studios Back 4 Blood as well as Klei Entertainment and Sumo Digital. Clay is behind games like Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja, while Sumo Digital has previously worked on Crackdown 3 and Sackboy: A Big Adventure.  This game follows a boy named Nunu and a yeti named Willump as they solve puzzles and fight wolves in the cold land of Freylord.

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