Thai Elden Ring commercial summarizes the game’s actual story

The Ancient Ring has been shattered, the family is looking for their pieces. And the Tarnished have returned to reunite them. It’s more or less the plot of both ancient ring and a Thai promotional video for the game, in which a family fights over a priceless family heirloom.

In case you don’t get caught ancient ringIt’s a prelude, here’s how they line up. The Midlands were once united by Merika (that’s Grandmother) who ruled with the power of the Old Ring. However, after it was defeated, her children fought fiercely over the fragments, dragging the country into war and strife. The lands remained in opposition until the Tarnished One was able to return (this is the son) to reunite the In-betweenlands.

The commercial is similar to a family melodrama, but there are some funny and more direct references to ancient ring. This is especially evident when we see the eldest son of the family returning home from a trip or college.

When he returns to his family’s home where he was in combat. We see his childhood fighting imaginary dragons, parrying attacks from friends with a plastic shield, riding a cardboard horse named Torrent. And even praying to Airdtree in the family’s yard. All this happens before he arrives and his grandmother calls him Tarnished, which makes the story connection literal.

The commercial concludes with a much more recognizable trailer, showcasing some ancient ring gameplay. And touts the contributions of game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin.


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