Thailand got a four minute Elden Ring TV ad and it’s a masterpiece

Fantasy RPG trailers are usually predictable. Some ominous sounds, some obnoxious humming string ensemble, some gameplay, some CGI. Monsters, dungeons, breathtaking views of the open-world panoramas. That’s how the official Elden Ring launch trailer played out. But if you live in Thailand, your impression of FromSoftware’s new opus may be very different.

Bandai Namco’s Southeast Asia office took it upon themselves to film a four-minute short film to coincide with the release of Elden Ring. This is not a trailer for a blockbuster role-playing game but rather a soapy retelling of the suburban intro.

In a trendy modern country house, a precious family heirloom, the Ring of Elden, is accidentally broken. A fight breaks out. From there, we cut abruptly to the point of view of a young man wistfully reminiscing about his childhood spent fighting the pretend Flying Dragon Agil and playing the role of the Tarnished One. This young man finds himself in the aforementioned country house, where the family is now fighting for custody of the broken ring. He plays a diplomat, and everyone is very remorseful.

Eritrea is there, and Torrent appears several times. The whole thing is so disorienting in its seriousness that by the three-minute mark, you might feel like you’re watching a TV soap opera and not a video game ad. When the reminder that this is an advertisement for a game appears at the three-minute mark, it’s really confusing.

Stay here until the end when Grandma fights the Dragon Tree Guardian. Good luck, grandma. It took me about 30 tries.

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